Creating original, interactive storybook apps for children

"This is easily the highest quality kid’s book and I’ve tried out of dozens" Jack Burton, ME!

"Even after a year of reading books we could touch, the 'Larry' books still really set the standard for truly original and innovative use of the medium" Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime

"This app is a sparkling example of children's literature for iOS...The app comes loaded with all of the things we love most in an app for children: Gorgeous artwork, simple controls, parental input, and a beautiful story. If you’re in need of a solid, well-presented and genre-changing eBook for your kids on your iPad, we highly recommend Lazy Larry Lizard and promise your little ones will love it!" Luke Patrick, (iPad section)

"An absolutely adorable story book app that has a calming effect, despite the entertaining antics displayed by Larry the most likeable lizard you’ll ever meet. It may be perfect for bedtime, but we here at TWA think this is a book a parent or caregiver of a toddler or a preschool teacher could be pulling off the shelfall day long! The children we worked with, of both genders, found Lazy Larry to be so loveable and endearing that we wonder how this series of Larry the Lizard eluded us for so long. From a teachers perspective it really has a lot to offer in the way of teaching emotions. It’s also great for special needs children...the latest update really made this book exemplar in the educational app book category." Teachers with Apps