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Wasabi is hiring!

Ready to write a digital story for kids?

Wasabi is seeking creative talent to help grow our portfolio of interactive storybook apps for 2-6 year olds. If you're an author looking to be published digitally, a parent with a kids story up your sleeve or anything in between - we would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form and we'll be in touch asap!

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Lost Larry featured in Mother and Baby Magazine, Australia

Thanks to our friends at The iMums, Lost Larry was included in an article in Mother and Baby Magazine which listed the top ten reading apps for preschoolers this month!

You can see the feature online here.

 mother and baby


New gorilla app - coming soon!

Watch this space!

The team at Wasabi is working away on our latest app in the Gorillas series and can't wait to share it with you soon!  

Here are some snaps from the recording studio where we were capturing the narration and character voices. So much fun! Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you're the first to know when it is released :)

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Mini Madness: iPad Mini giveaway sponsored by Wasabi on The iMums!

Wasabi Productions is proud to sponsor an iPad Mini giveaway with The iMums!

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Here's the low down....The iMums blog was founded by the Australian iMum Amanda, and they are very pleased to announce the third in their series of iPad Mini giveaways sponsored by four great Australian developers - who make great educational apps - demografix, Wasabipro (us!), Pic-See, and Sneaky Sam Productions. The iPad mini is a great size for children – lighter and easier to carry than the original iPad, but with access to the same great catalog of apps. The prize package, which totals to over $400, includes all you need to get started:

  • A new Apple iPad mini 16GB WiFi;

  • Cygnett Workmate shock-absorbing iPad mini case;

  • A huge collection of apps to kickstart your iTunes library!

Enter here before 12th December 2012!

You can also read Wasabipro's developer interview with The iMums which has some information on our backstory here.

Good luck! :)

Guest Blog Post on Digital Media Diet

Amy Friedlander shares 10 lessons we've learned in storybook app creation on Carisa Kluver's Digital Media Diet blog - check it out and leave your comments!

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Lost Larry for Android

Wasabi Productions launches Lost Larry for Android Phones! 

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This highly rated and widely acclaimed storybook app is now available on Android.

In this story, Larry is lost and needs you to help him find his way home. There’s rich interaction on every page as the reader needs to help Larry through mazes, across rivers, over canyons, stepping stones and rickety old bridges. Keep an eye out for the special extra surprise animations on every page too! A good lesson in not wandering too far from home makes this book an entertaining and meaningful family read.

This app is currently FREE so why not visit Google Play and download it? Perfect for entertaining your preschooler on the go. 

"Much of what makes this book app a standout, beyond the quality storyline, illustrations and sound effects, is subtle. It includes rhyming, which is important for phonological awareness in early readers. A variety of action words such as trace, push, stroke and count are introduced and then must be physically demonstrated on the page by the reader. These elements make the story especially well-suited to English language learners and special needs children with language-processing difficulties."- Smart Apps for Kids (review of identical iOS app)

Download here.

iPad proves powerful tool for special needs students

Story apps deliver so much more than entertainment for special needs students

One of the most rewarding side effects of producing original storybook apps for touch screen technology is their positive reception by special needs families and teachers, and evidence of the value they add in their education.

Founder and Creative Director of Wasabi Productions, Graham Nunn, was invited to give a special reading and demonstration of the Lazy Larry Lizard app at St Lucy’s School during their book week in August. He was met with a captivated audience of special needs students.

Maria Manzatti, Library and IT Co-ordinator at St Lucy’s says, “iPad story book applications have vastly improved learning opportunities for St Lucy’s students with special needs”. 

While story apps with positive social and moral outtakes are incredibly valuable in educating all children, they’re particularly potent for special needs students. 

“Probably the most significant benefit is their ability to simultaneously teach visually, aurally and kinaesthetically,” adds speech therapist Suzie Jordan. “We find that they improve our students’ motivation to read and stay engaged with a story, which obviously has a positive impact on their learning”. 

iPad apps also develop students’ autonomy as learners because they provide opportunities for self correction. According to mother and founder of the AppAble Facebook Group, Veronika Walshe, the benefits continue on into the home. “All children like to have their favourite books read to them over and over,” she says. “But special needs children want and need constant repetition and that can be an enormous strain on parents. Stories in app form mean that the child can access quality writing in a way that they themselves can control; their reading is improved because the words are all highlighted as well as spoken”. 

Ease of use is another important issue. Children with special needs often lack the strength to hold a book or the fine motor skills to turn the page. “Tapping the page is such an easy action. iPad apps allow children whose intellect is above their physical abilities to access books in a way they couldn’t before,” Veronika says.

Nunn says, “Wasabi Productions is proud to have its apps recommended by special needs professionals, and we’ll continue to support the special needs community in developing new and engaging stories that are easy to use and contribute positively to the lives of all children”.

St Lucy’s School provides an education of excellence for children with disabilities and is based at Wahroonga, Sydney.

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