Guest Blog Post: Delay Interactions

Ebook App Trends: Delayed Gratification for the Instant Generation

Read Amy's new guest blog post in Digital Book World! Here's a snippet:

One of the most thrilling parts of creating interactive book apps is re-imagining how we experience stories. Everything from how pages are turned to even whether we need ‘pages’ at all, the evolution of stories on a new platform demands fresh thinking. The possibilities are immense for publishers who are pioneering this industry one app at a time, yet some of the most exciting features can also be a book app’s downfall.

Book apps can delight young minds with everything from three-dimensional imaginary worlds, to music, atmospheric sound effects, responsive characters and an extended set that reveals more of itself with each tilt of the iPad (to name just a few). All of these elements can enhance narrative engagement when they’re thoughtfully integrated, intuitive and relevant.

However, it can also be the very added extras that create frustration, interrupt the narrative flow and affect comprehension. These are the primary reasons some educators have doubted book apps — and they weren’t shy to share these industry grievances at a recent EdTech conference I attended on “Tots and Technology” in Texas.

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