Webcast Available on Demand!

Did you miss the Webcast on App Marketing by Amy Friedlander? Get it on Demand! 

Feedback from attendees has been fantastic and developers, publishers and marketing professionals alike got much value out of the session titled How to Give Your App the Best Shot at Being Discovered. 

You can download it on demand from Digital Book World.

Attendees Learn:
• Why going back to the basics of traditional PR can be enlightening in this new world where customers still trust word of mouth above all marketing
• How to bake in newsworthy features and develop the story around your story
• Why timing is everything and not to launch until your app is approved
• The role of online PR and which services are worth considering
• The status of paid marketing channels for apps
• What you can do early to increase the chances of success later -- from teaser campaigns to who narrates your story
• Why you need to know what's in your first upgrade before your app hits the store
• How building a portfolio and cross promotion can help over time

• John Casey, senior vice president, Havas PR US
• Amy Friedlander, vice president of marketing and strategy, Wasabi Productions

• Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director, Digital Book World

Who Should Consider:
• App publishers
• App developers
• App and ebook marketers and public relations professionals
• Book publishers (large and small) thinking about moving into apps
• Authors
• People who embrace technology
• Marketing professionals in ebook and app publishing