Lazy Larry Lizard

available for iPad and iPhone

This animated children’s book was created especially for touch screen technology. Early readers are invited to play an active role in the story and are rewarded with rich interactivity - when they ‘poke’ Lazy Larry on the screen, he wakes up and comes to life. But as surprising and delightful as this is for the reader, it’s not so much fun for poor Larry and the reader learns of a better way to make him happy at the end (a special social outtake for kids). This book makes for the perfect bedtime story. Larry’s facial expressions, noises and curling up to rest are sure to delight and entertain the whole family!

  • Read to me option with text highlighting
  • Parental controls
  • Includes bonus game, ‘Leapin’ Larry’ with an original music-score
  • Aussie bush sound effects
  • Movie-like 3D animation
  • Original illustrations by award-winning designer Kim Neale

*Please note iPhone version does not contain all of the features listed above.

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