Fairy Allsorts

Available as a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and selected Android devices.

There are all sorts of fairies in all sorts of places - BUT they’re not all as cute and sparkly as most fairy books would have you believe!!

There are little ones, big ones, good ones and naughty ones. And they are all different, just like girls and boys.

Fairy Allsorts is an irreverent look at nine of the more unusual fairies – from Cranky Fairy to Farty Fairies to Spotty Fairy and Shy Fairies - with multiple touch interactions, animation and music on every page. With its quirky illustrations and alliterative text, Fairy Allsorts is all sorts of fun for 2 – 6+ year olds.

The book comes with 9 fully interactive fairy pages and you can purchase 2 additional packs containing 3 more pages in each as In App Purchases, safely hidden behind a parent paywall.

  • Original illustrations by Rebecca Pannell
  • Over 100 interactions, including a bonus ‘Find the Fairies’ page at the end
  • Original music and sound effects throughout
  • Alliterative text helps children learn about phonetics
  • Parental controls
  • 6 additional fun-filled pages available as In App Purchases
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Wasabi Productions acknowledges the assistance of Screen NSW

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buy additional pages!

There are 2 packs, each with 3 new pages - all beautifully illustrated, with new fairies and fun interactions galore.

Buy them from the Parents Page in the Fairy Allsorts app.

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